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If you can imagine Americana interpreted through a French lens, then you can see (or more precisely hear) what Eric John Kaiser brings to the table. Eric went to isolate himself in Lava Hot Springs, in the middle of Idaho, to write some songs. He then came back to Portland to record this album in a studio with his band. The road trip of this French singer songwriter continues…

(Voyagez dans l’Idaho avec Eric John Kaiser. L’univers musical d’Eric John Kaiser s’inspire de la chanson française avec des touches de blues, de folk et de rock américain. Il est parti quelques semaines au milieu de l’Idaho, à Lava Hot Springs plus exactement, pour composer des chansons. De retour chez lui à Portland dans l’Oregon, il est allé en studio enregistrer ces nouvelles chansons avec ses musiciens. L’odyssée musicale de cet artiste français aux USA continue…)

1. Life Underground
2. Idaho
3. A Text
4. Treasure Hunt
5. Nettoyage de printemps
6. La nuit
7. Le pari
8. Montreal
9. Le chant du signe
10. Stay In My Lane
11. Tsunami

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Eric John Kaiser may be known as The French Troubadour – but there is so much more to this talented artist. While his French roots may make him seem exotic, those in the know realize that’s just the beginning of his story. Eric moved to the States in 2006 and has been putting his unique stamp on the Portland, OR music scene ever since. He tells his story and takes the audience on a journey along the way. It is his way to connect with people’s souls – shared experiences about humanity.

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(Eric John Kaiser, le “French Troubadour”, originaire de Paris, est un “fabriquant de chansons”, un artiste indépendant qui vit et explore les USA et le Canada avec sa guitare sous le bras. Il mélange la chanson française avec le blues, la folk et le rock)
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